Elevate Your Finish: Envirolak's Premium Eco-Friendly Solutions!

Hey there! At Envirolak, we create top-notch water-based products that are not just high quality but also super eco-friendly. Our stains, primers, and clear topcoats are designed to beat traditional solvent-based options. Plus, they’re sustainable and easy to use! Your go-to choice for a green and user-friendly solution!

If only everything worked perfectly every time.

Wood finishing is a complex mixture of art and science that brings together leading edge technology with one of the world’s oldest building materials. Here are some common finishing problems and possible solutions to help you in your everyday production setting.

That’s great thanks… so how much paint do I actually need?

Coverage is a complex calculation with no simple answers. The quick reference chart below is designed to help simplify your questions about how much paint you’ll need to finish your job. Values are given in metric and imperial at varying wet film builds and transfer efficiencies.

So that coverage chart is nice, but what’s all this about Transfer Efficiency?

Transfer efficiency is a measure of how effectively you’re applying the coating to your substrate and is required for good estimations of how much paint you’ll actually need for a job. Unfortunately, it is a very elusive figure to guess. Here is a good starting point to estimating your transfer efficiency:

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