Catalysts & Additives

Every situation is different and we recognize that your application is unique. These products are designed to complement the Envirolak line by adding functionality and offering solutions to common problems.

ELCAT 100 Hardener

EnviroCat 100 Water Based Hardener is an isocyanate hardener for improving hardness, chemical resistance and adhesion in Envirolak water based coatings.

ELCAT 100-LV Hardener

ELCAT100-LV is an isocyanate based hardener with ultra low monomeric di-icocyanate content for water based finishes to improve hardness, chemical resistance and adhesion. Using this hardener in the 200 series topcoat will increase the gloss of the product 5-10% depending on how much hardener you add. Using Hardener in any waterborne coating gives a pot-life of several hours after which the coating will begin to gel.

This product is designed to be added to existing Envirolak products to enhance the performance of the cured finish. In topcoats, it will improve hardness, mar and scratch resistance as well as chemical resistance. Using it in basecoats will improve adhesion and water resistance as well as preventing veneers and softwood from checking or cracking.

ELCAT 150 Crosslinker

ELCAT150 is a crosslinker for water based finishes to improve hardness, chemical, scratch, mar resistance in all Envirolak top coats. There is a 10-hour effective period once added to topcoats, unused product will not gel and can be re crosslinked and reused at a later date.  In vertical spray applications, the addition of CAT150 Crosslinker will help eliminate orange peel to give a smoother finish.

ELADD 001 Thickener

ELADD 001 is a low-medium shear thickener designed to be post-added to Envirolak coatings to increase the viscosity. This can be used to improve sag resistance for vertical spray applications. Add to an existing Envirolak finish to increase application viscosity. Also use ELADD 001 in clearcoats that have been tinted to dark colours to maintain the initial viscosity of the product for consistent application.

ELADD 002 Flow Additive

ELADD002 is a pre-mixed solution of a silicone flow additive that will reduce the surface tension of Envirolak coatings. ELADD002 can be used to improve substrate wetting on difficult surfaces, it will also improve the “leveling” of the finish. It can help eliminate fisheyes that are caused by surface contamination as well. It should have no impact on foam stabilization or intercoat adhesion.

ELADD 003 UV Absorber

ELADD003 is a liquid UV light absorber for Envirolak coatings. UV Absorber should be added when you want to maintain the colour of natural or lightly stained woods underneath a clearcoat. Except for the 100 series, our resin systems are non-yellowing, but the addition of UV Absorber will help protect the underlying wood substrate. Do not use UV absorber in the 100 series, it will impair curing and drying.

ELADD 004 Tannin Blocker

ELADD004 is a tannin blocking additive for Envirolak coatings. Tannin Blocker can be added to ELPR170 (or other Envirolak finishes) to prevent tannin migration and discolouration over tannin rich wood species (southern red oak, mahogany, redwoods, etc.). The additive will chemically “trap” the tannin in the first layer, preventing the stain from bleeding into subsequent layers of coating. For woods with a lot of tannin bleed two coats will be required. For best results allow each coat to dry for several hours before applying the next coat.

ELADD 005 WB Defoamer Solution

ELADD 005 is a solution of foam destroying polymers that can be post-added to Envirolak coatings when trapped air or foam become an issue during application. Defoamer Solution is used to minimize trapped air, microfoam and macrofoam in spray applied waterborne finishes.

ELADD 006 WB Fisheye Eliminator

ELADD006 is a pre-mixed solution of a silicone flow additive that helps eliminate surface defects such as fisheyes caused by contamination. ELADD006 is used to get rid of fisheyes and craters, especially those caused by contamination in the paint or air supply. This product will improve surface slip and help the “leveling” of the finish.

Why we're different:

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Simple & Convenient

Easy to spray, brush or roll. No catalyst required so there is no pot-life which means more time working and less time cleaning. Easy to store, no need for flammable storage or explosion proof fixtures. Non-regulated for shipping purposes simplifies receiving.

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We are environmentally friendly.  From low VOC coatings to using sustainable and renewable raw materials in our paint, it’s not just a statement, it’s a philosophy.

Made For People

Low VOC’s, no formaldehyde, no isocyanate, no flammable solvents, all the performance. Better for finishers and better for consumers. Just better.

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