Reducers and Cleaners

Water is great! We love it so much we use it in all our coatings, but we also know that sometimes you need something a little stronger to get the job done. At Envirolak we make a variety of reducers and cleaners to suit your needs.

ELRX 010 Reducer

ELRX010 is a reducer that is designed to quickly reduce the viscosity of water based coatings.

The product is two to three times more effective than water at reducing viscosity, allowing flexibility for the user to control viscosity while maintaining higher solids.

ELRX 110 EnviroKlean

EnviroKlean is a powerful and economical water based cleaning solution for industrial finishers.

ELRX110 is designed for cleaning pumps and fluid lines, spray gun parts, tips, mixing blades or even belts in automatic spray units.

ELRX 110-C EnviroKlean Concentrate (3:7)

ELRX110-C is a concentrated version of our EnviroKlean ELRX110 that is packaged without water for cost savings and environmental shipping.

One pail of this concentrate can make three pails of ELRX110 cleaner.

ELRX 111 EnviroKlean “No Drip” Cleaner

As the name suggests, this is a thixotropic version of our EnviroKlean Water Based Cleaner. ELRX111 can be applied vertically or even upside down to ease the removal of built-up paint around the shop.

“No Drip” Cleaner is also useful when you need the cleaner to be in contact with the mess for a longer period of time to soften dried on coatings.

ELRX 114 Retarder

Sometimes you just need to slow down.

ELRX 114 is a very slow evaporating retarder solvent for use in Envirolak water based coatings. It can be used to extend the “open time” of stains, help with mud-cracking in topcoats or to slow down surface drying and help release trapped air.

Why we're different:

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Simple & Convenient

Easy to spray, brush or roll. No catalyst required so there is no pot-life which means more time working and less time cleaning. Easy to store, no need for flammable storage or explosion proof fixtures. Non-regulated for shipping purposes simplifies receiving.

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We are environmentally friendly.  From low VOC coatings to using sustainable and renewable raw materials in our paint, it’s not just a statement, it’s a philosophy.

Made For People

Low VOC’s, no formaldehyde, no isocyanate, no flammable solvents, all the performance. Better for finishers and better for consumers. Just better.

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