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The team at Envirolak is always coming up with something new, check here for the latest developments.

Envirothane 800 White Topcoat ELNYW 800XX

Envirolak ELNYW 800XX is an opaque 1K white top coat that looks and feels outstanding and offers excellent stain resistance and anti-burnishing properties. It is very easy to spray and drys fast with exceptional coverage and high build. The 800 series meets KCMA standards and is suitable for tough environments like kitchens and bathrooms. It offers excellent levelling and anti-sag properties for vertical applications, excellent adhesion to most substrates and can be applied over our PRT9000 primer in 1-2 hours in simple air dry conditions.


This product is designed for interior wood finishing applications such as cabinetry, tables, furniture and millwork.

ELPRT9000 Envirocryl T9000 Stain Blocking & Bonding White Primer

ELPRT9000 is designed to be used over existing finishes in order to achieve a smooth white basecoat for refinish applications. PRT9000 offers industry leading stain, dye and tannin blocking in an easy to use, one-component water based primer. ELPRT9000 has excellent adhesion to a variety of existing coatings (solvent or water based) as well as veneers, solid wood or MDF.


This product is designed for interior wood finishing applications such as cabinetry, tables, furniture and millwork. This product blocks tannin, stains and dye migration in one coat in most cases. For stubborn bleeding a second coat may be required.

Antimicrobial Coatings


We’re proud to introduce our newest line of antimicrobial coatings that help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and algae. This technology can be incorporated into any of our existing water based finishes. Originally designed for the demanding healthcare market, these coatings can help provide an extra layer of security in these unusual times.

Click here to read more about Envirolak AM Antimicrobial coatings.


Building on the success of our outstanding high solids primer, Envirolak is proud to add tannin blocking functionality without compromising the high fill, quick dry and excellent sanding you’ve come to love. ELPR170-TB incorporates the tanning blocking additive directly into our Envirothane 170 High Solids Primer or it can be purchased as an additive, ELADD 004, and added on-site as needed for small or custom jobs.


When water based coatings are still wet, they’re simple and easy to clean with just water, but once our urethane resins cure to a hard finish they can be difficult to remove, even with aggressive solvents like alcohols or lacquer thinner.

Our cleaner, ELRX110, was designed with industrial cleaning in mind, with the power to cut through most finishes (water based or solvent!) this product works perfectly as a belt cleaner for spray machines or to flush and clean dirty spray equipment.

View the technical data sheet here.

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