Pigments & Dyes

896 Series Pigments

The 896 series of pigments is our high-performance water based colourants for creating solid colours and can also be used in stains. We suggest a maximum tint load of 6% in our white bases and min 5% max 10% in our clear bases for dark colours. High tint loads will reduce viscosity of our base materials and may require the addition of ELADD001 thickener to restore viscosity. This line is used in volumetric and gravimetric dispersers. Tint strength, colour difference, and viscosity are controlled to ensure optimal performance in most dispensers. Because the quality of the colourants is tightly controlled, they can also be used for in-plant tinting applications. They have minimal impact on gloss, dry time, water resistance, hardness, corrosion, foaming or other coating properties.


The ELTINT Series are concentrated solutions of micronized pigments suitable for the preparation of water-based stains and glazes (patinas) for wood finishing. ELTINT products are only soluble in water and suitable water-based binding agents. They contain binders with a wide range of compatibility suitable for inclusion in a variety of water-based stains. They can be mixed together in all proportions; you can obtain high concentration stains with high vibrance and uniformity. The ELTINTs are compatible with water-based or universal dyes to obtain an even wider range of shades and colour effects. ELTINTs are not meant to be used on their own. They must be diluted and/or mixed with binders and water before their use, depending on their application and the desired effect.

ELDYE Universal Dye

Very little matches the vibrance of a dye stain.  Dyes penetrate and colour the wood fibres giving ‘life’ to the colour that is different than a pigment based stain. Many of our original stain colours are based entirely on dyes for this reason. The Envirostain system of ELTINT, ES3XX and EL Binders is further enhanced by compatibility with universal dyes, the ELDYE series.  Recommended usage levels vary, but generally should remain below 3-5% by weight of the final formula. These universal dyes are glycol based and have industry leading light-fastness for dyes. They are suitable for use in all Envirolak water based stains and alcohol or acetone solvent stain bases.

Why we're different:

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Simple & Convenient

Easy to spray, brush or roll. No catalyst required so there is no pot-life which means more time working and less time cleaning. Easy to store, no need for flammable storage or explosion proof fixtures. Non-regulated for shipping purposes simplifies receiving.

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We are environmentally friendly.  From low VOC coatings to using sustainable and renewable raw materials in our paint, it’s not just a statement, it’s a philosophy.

Made For People

Low VOC’s, no formaldehyde, no isocyanate, no flammable solvents, all the performance. Better for finishers and better for consumers. Just better.

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